Airport Parking

Hangar Information
Hangar space is available at the airport.  The airport does not own any hangars, but you can see a listing for hangars that are available for purchase or rent by clicking here.  Looking for something short term check with our FBOs they would have hangar space as well.

Aircraft Tie Down
There are two tie down ramps at the airport.  The transient tie down is located at the corner of Alpha and Delta.  This is the place to park if you are visiting us - one of our two FBOs will be happy to help you with your fuel and ground transportation needs.  If you are looking to make us your home we have a second tie down ramp that is located on the northeast side of the field, click here for more information.

Vehicle Parking

Visitor parking is available around the airport free of charge.  If you work at the airport you may be interested in parking in the new parking area along Airport Road. It is a permit only lot; you can acquire a permit from the Airport Admin Office and a form is available online.  
Parking Permit Application (PDF).

Public Transportation - Silver Rider

Public transportation is available to and from the airport with Silver Rider.  The office hours are Monday - Friday 8am to 4pm and they can be contacted at (702) 894-4190.