Mounted Police Unit

BuckAndOdieThe Boulder City Police Mounted Unit is comprised of four sworn officers and six volunteers. Since it's inception in 2016, the unit does not rely on City funding. The unit is funded by the 501(c)(3) non-profit Friends of the Boulder City Mounted Unit. The horses are either donated or purchased by the individual officers. All of the gear, tack and horse trailers were donated over the last six years. The horses are cared for by the officers and volunteers daily. The mounted unit is charged with patrolling all the city events, the downtown area, city parks and desert areas. In addition to patrol, the unit is also deployed for search and rescue efforts. The unit also provides mutual aid for the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department for events in Las Vegas.  

The unit works by "The 3 C’s" - Crowd, Community and Crime.  

Meet our Horses and Officers: MaverickAndOfficerPastoreMaverick and Officer Scott Pastore

ScoutAndOfficerPettyScout and Officer Mike Petty

BuckAndOfficerJohanson Buck and Officer Shon Johanson

ApolloAndVolunteerVoysonApollo and Volunteer Giustina Voyson

RedSonjaAndVolunteerSarabiaRed Sonja and Volunteer Rafael Sarabia

PegAndVolunteerCessopPeg and Volunteer Tiffanie Cessop

AmosAndVolunterrSeidmanAmos and Volunteer Justin Seidman

RedSonjaScoutMaverickPegRed Sonja, Scout, Maverick and Peg

For more information or to inquire about volunteering and donating, please contact:

Officer Scott Pastore at or 702-494-7153