Landscape Management Plan Update


The city code currently provides requirements for new development landscaping. However, with environmental sustainability and water conservation concerns, it is recognized that this code needs to be updated.  Preserving community character in a sustainable way is the goal of this effort.  This effort coincides with the Southern Nevada Water Authority’s recent reassessment of encouraging the installation of drought tolerant species in our region.

The next steps in the evaluation process is to present the proposed landscape code changes to the Planning Commission, Historic Preservation Committee, and the City Council for possible changes to the city code.

 What the code changes would do:

  • Provide landscaping requirements for new development (or replacement landscaping for condominium developments) in the community.
  • Provide guidelines on what trees and plants the city should be using in our parkways.

 What the code changes will not do:

  • Regulate what homeowners can plant on their property.
  • Require businesses to change the current landscaping that they currently have on their property.

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