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1. Who may dispose of waste for free?
2. Who must pay to dispose of waste at the landfill?
3. Who may dispose of waste at the face of the landfill?
4. Can I elect to use a different trash collection service?
5. Are there any exclusions to waste that can be disposed of at the landfill?
6. Who receives income from the sale of commingled recyclables?
7. What if I want to earn money from my recyclables?
8. Are there any days trash is not collected?
9. What recyclables cannot be placed in the green recycling cart?
10. What do I need to do to have a temporary dumpster at my house?
11. What if my trash or recycling was missed by collectors?
12. What can I do with bulky items that do not fit into a trash can?
13. What if my question was not answered here?