Voted Mail Ballot Deadlines

Voted Mail Ballot Postmark and Receiving Deadlines
Voted mail ballots sent through the Post Office must be: (1) Mailed in the postage-paid return envelope provided specifically for you, showing your name and address, and you must also sign the outside of that envelope before mailing it (do not put your ballot in another voter’s return envelope); (2) Postmarked on or before Election Day; and (3) Received by the Election Department on or before by 5:00 p.m. on the fourth day after Election Day. 

Deadline for Curing Mail Ballot Signature Issues
If a question arises about your signature on the outside of your mail ballot return envelope or if you did not put your signature on the outside of that envelope, the Election Department will notify you using the contact information in your voter registration. You will have until 5pm on the sixth day after Election Day to provide a signature confirmation or an actual signature, as applicable.