What is the difference between a setback, an easement and a right-of-way?
A setback is simply the closest distance that a structure is "set back" from a property line.

An easement is a separately recorded item that designates that some other party has a right over that portion of land, although the property owner owns the underlying land. (For example, the city or other utilities may have a 5 foot wide easement along a side property line, which means that they have the right to trespass over and work within that easement area.)

A right-of-way is the term used for the land owned by a public agency and used for city roads and state and federal highways; the right-of-way usually extends beyond the roadway itself. (Many city roads may be between 31 feet and 41 feet wide within a 60 foot wide right-of-way, which would also include any parkway, the sidewalk, and up to 4 1/2 feet behind the sidewalk.)

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