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Meetings Comment Form

  1. Meetings Public Comment Form
    Please complete this form if you would like to provide your comment on an item to be discussed at a Boulder City Council, Committee or Commission meeting. Comments should be addressed to the Council as a whole, not to an individual member. Thank you for your cooperation and participation.
  2. The Mayor and Boulder City Council request that all comments are expressed in a courteous manner. If you choose to comment, messages are limited to five minutes each.
  3. PLEASE NOTE: Comments must be received 1 hour prior to the start of the meeting to be included in the record. We encourage you to send in comments early to allow for distribution to Council, Committee, or Commission members for review.

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    Please state if you support or oppose the agenda item for which you are commenting.
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    By checking the "Yes" option below, you agree that all the information above is true and accurate, and that you understand it will be used in the public record. For additional information, please refer to the agenda for the meeting.
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