How do I become a firefighter?
The City of Boulder City conducts an annual recruitment to establish an eligibility list for the position of Firefighter/Paramedic. This is the entry-level position for Boulder City Fire Department (BCFD). This recruitment can be either open - meaning any qualified individual can submit an application - or, in-house - meaning that only those qualified persons in the department’s Fire Reserve Program are eligible to apply.

Once an application is accepted, based on the recruitment and position guidelines, candidates will be required to pass a written examination, oral examination, and physical agility test. Those candidates who pass all examinations will be placed on a hiring list which is then certified by the City’s Civil Service Commission. Once the list is established, all open positions during the next 12 month period (or longer if the list is extended) for the Firefighter / Paramedic position are filled from this list. If selected to fill a vacant position, candidates must also complete a selection interview and, post-job offer, a medical examination and background investigation.

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