What training is required to become a Paramedic?
An EMT-Paramedic, the highest certification level, must complete an approved course consisting of approximately 670 didactic and laboratory hours and 300 clinical hours training. Upon completion of the didactic / clinical training, including the final written and practical examinations, the student then must pass the written ALS Licensure examination which then allows the student to enter the field internship portion of the Paramedic training program.

The internship consists of completing a minimum of 360 hours (12 hours shifts) on a Paramedic ambulance and the student is evaluated daily by a Paramedic Preceptor / EMS Instructor with major performance evaluations completed regularly which indicates the intern consistently performs procedures in a competent manner according to established standards and has made the established minimum number of patient contacts.

Upon successful completion of the internship, the intern must successfully pass the National Registry practical examination within 24 months of course completion to earn the EMT-Paramedic certification.

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