Do you rescue pets / animals?
Not generally, however, there are occasions where pets have been rescued along with their owner. We do not want to risk injuring our firefighters unnecessarily. If your cat is up the tree, it will come down when it gets hungry.

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1. What types of calls do the different fire and rescue units respond to?
2. Why does the fire engine and the rescue unit respond together on calls?
3. Do you rescue pets / animals?
4. Who do I call to get a fire or EMS emergency response?
5. Can I call 911 from my cell phone?
6. When I encounter an emergency vehicle while I'm driving, what should I do?
7. Do you provide EMS and / or fire service to the Lake Mead Recreation Area?
8. Do you provide EMS and / or fire service to Hoover Dam?
9. Who maintains / paints the hydrants?
10. Who provides the special event coverage by EMS and fire personnel at football games and Bootleg Canyon events?
11. Does the city have an Emergency Operations Plan?