What information must be included with the building demolition permit application?

The following information must be included with the application for a building demolition permit: •Completed building permit application •Site Plan showing the structure to be demolished.  Site Plan must also show all other structures to remain on the site. •An approved copy of your Clark County Department of Air Quality and Environmental Management permit application for demolition of a structure •Required fee as specified in Table I of the Administrative Building Code -$85.00 if structure is less than 1,000 square feet -$115.00 if the structure is 1,001 square feet or greater If the structure to be demolished is located within the Boulder City Historic District, and is older than fifty years old, the following additional actions must be taken by the Community Development Department prior to issuance of a building demolition permit: •Make a historical record, both written (history, floor plans and elevations) and photographic, of the structure and site. •Review the condition of the building to determine the impact of the demolition to the neighborhood, and the technical feasibility of preservation of the structure. •Submit the proposed demolition activity to the City’s Historic Preservation Committee for their consideration for the purpose of making recommendations regarding the application to the demolition proponent. •The owner has been made aware by the Community Development Department of economic incentives available to rehabilitate historic resources. •The Community Development Department has encouraged the property owner not to demolish the building until an attempt can be made to locate either suitable tenants to make the building economically viable again or to find a purchaser who is willing to acquire and rehabilitate the structure. If within the Historic District, the demolition permit issuance can be delayed up to forty-five (45) days to allow for the above to be completed.

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