Redevelopment Agency

The City of Boulder City Redevelopment Agency has been established to assist businesses and developers interested in projects aimed at revitalizing property within the Redevelopment Area. A history of all projects approved is provided below as "RDA Project History". 

In an effort to encourage continuity in the redevelopment process and ensure compliance with the adopted Redevelopment Plan, the agency has developed a policy on how projects will be considered for funding. Questions: email Raffi Festekjian, Economic Development Coordinator or call 702.293.9393.

Development Assistance

Property owners and developers seeking assistance from the Redevelopment Agency should demonstrate how their project complements the Redevelopment Plan. If monetary assistance is requested, they must show that no other reasonable means of financing is obtainable. It should also be noted that projects receiving Redevelopment Agency funding are subject to the payment of prevailing wages, as determined by the Nevada State Labor Commission, on all labor involved in the construction of the project.

Public Sector Improvements

The agency can use funds which accrue over time to finance public sector improvements like road widening, landscaping, or utility upgrading. Alternatively, the agency can enter into public / private partnerships where a modest amount of public sector funds are combined with a larger private sector investment resulting in major revitalization.

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