Residential Rates

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Meter readings, repairs and preparation of utility bills are all done by city personnel. Meters are read and billed in regular monthly intervals. Due to a four-day work week the number of days for a billing cycle may vary, but you will still only be billed twelve times a year.

All utility bills include a state-mandated Universal Energy Charge of .00039 per kilowatt hour of electricity used.

Meter Reading

Boulder City Code requires that all meters be accessible to meter readers. Fences should be constructed behind electric meters.

  1. Residential Electric Rates
  2. Residential Water & Wastewater  Rates

Residential Electric Service Rates

Monthly Service Charge$12.50 
First 1000 Kilowatt Hours$0.0880 per Kilowatt Hour
1001 - 2000 Kilowatt Hours$0.0906 per Kilowatt Hour
2001 - 4000 Kilowatt Hours$0.1187 per Kilowatt Hour
Over 4000 Kilowatt Hours$0.1353 per Kilowatt Hour
Turn Service On
Transfer Service