FAQs regarding Billing Statements

New Bill ExplainerSee details about the new 2020 billing invoice by clicking here.

Q. How do I pay my bill online?

A. You may pay your bill online here

Q. How do I sign up to receive my bills by email?

A. If you would like to receive your bill by email, you can notify our office to update your account.

You can contact us at:

Email Utilities


Phone: 702-293-9244

In person: 401 California Avenue

Q. Where can I make my utility payment? 

A. You can bring a payment to City Hall where there is a dropbox in front of the building outside             (payments after 9 a.m. will be processed the next business day)

We have two customer service window locations: One inside City Hall on the lower level, and a walk up window on the backside of the building for those who have trouble with stairs

We also have a second drop box location located at the corner of Boulder City Parkway and Yucca St near the BDCU atms.  

Q. My account is on the Automatic Payment Plan, can I pay the bill in advance?

A. Yes, you can pay in advance as long as it is more than one day prior to the due date. We send all automatic payments to the bank one day before the due date to process in time. If you pay by check in the mail and we have not received it before the automatic pay file is created, it will result in a double payment on your account. 

Q. I don’t have a computer, can I still receive my bill in the mail?

A. Yes, having your bill emailed is going to be an option for those of you who prefer this service.

Q. Can I still pay my bill with a check?

A. Yes, you can still pay you bill with check, cash or card as you always have. Paying your bill online will be an option for those of you who prefer this service.