Payment Policies

Utility bills are due upon receipt and will be considered past due if not paid within 15 days from the date of billing. A 5% late fee will be assessed on the past due amount and applied to the past due bill. Rules, regulations, and rates of the Boulder City Utility Billing Department are available for public inspection on the menu at the left of this page, or at the Utility Office during regular business hours.


The city requires a deposit that will be calculated as 1.5 times the estimated monthly bill for the service address or a minimum as follows:

property owner - $100

all others - $125

*Residents over 62 years of age will be billed a deposit at 50% of the estimated deposit.*

Deposits will be refunded as a credit to your account after 12 consecutive months of good payment history. If you cancel service the deposit will be applied to the balance of your final bill. If a credit balance remains you will receive a check in the mail.

Note: A non refundable $25 account setup fee is charged for establishing or moving service at an address.

Payment Options

  • Pay Online With Citizen Self Service- Citizen Self Service allows customers to check their account balance, usage history, etc.
  • One Time Quick Pay - Make a quick payment 24/7 just using your customer Id number and your account number.
  • Utility Billing Office - 401 California Avenue. Drop a check in the mail or stop by at our customer service windows.
  • Walk-up Window (for customers with mobility challenges) - Located on the backside of City Hall between City Hall and the Recreation Center off of Arizona Street.
  • Drive-up Drop Box - Located at the north end of the City Hall parking lot on California Avenue. Payments are collected at 9 a.m. each morning. Payments placed in the box after 9 a.m. will be collected and posted the following workday. Please do not place cash in drop boxes.
  • New Drop Box located on the corner of Boulder City Parkway and Yucca St. At the same location as the new BDCU ATMs.

Automatic Payment Plan

To have utility payments automatically withdrawn from your checking or savings account, sign up for the automatic payment plan. Applications are available at the Utility Office.

Budget Billing Plan (PDF)

Tired of high summer electric bills? Use Boulder City's Equal Payment Plan to average your last 12 months usage. Then you pay the same amount each month. No more surprises in the summertime. Applications are available at the Utility Office (restrictions apply). You can still take advantage of the Automatic Payment Plan while on the Equal Payment Plan.

Disputed Bill Procedure

If you have a question concerning the amount of your bill, you may call the Utility Office.

Notice of Delinquency / Termination

A reminder notice is mailed to the account holder if the utility bill is not paid within 15 days of billing. A disconnect notice is mailed to the account holder if the utility bill is not paid within 5 days of the reminder notice being sent. If the utility bill is not paid by the date and time given on the disconnect notice, service is terminated.

Once service has been terminated for nonpayment, service will not be reinstated until the delinquent bill is paid in full, plus the payment of a turn on / off fee. Returned checks may also result in termination of service. Service will not be reinstated until the returned check is paid, plus the payment of a turn on / off fee.